Some photos were missing few days. Now you can see them again! 


Quilter Bag

WINNERI won the first price with this Quilter bag. It's for mat, cutter, ruler etc. It's very handy when I have to travel. The size is 67 cm x 50 cm.

Voitin tällä Tilkkuilijan kassilla ensimmäisen palkinnon Euran Satatilkussa. Kassin koko on 67 cm x 50 cm .  


Quilting basket - rabbit


Quilted tablecloth with Apples


Quilt blanket - Japanese flowers

The Blog I used in this quilt blanket is called Pagodas.

Torkkupeitto. Blogin nimi on "kaareva blogi, Pagodas.

 The Blog is called Pagodas.

Blogin nimi on "kaareva blogi, Pagodas.



Japanese quilts

Rabbit pouch. / Jänispussi.